You’re in the game more than you think. New trailer for Mosquito State

Recently, a new trailer for Mosquito State has appeared – a film awarded with the “Golden Claw” award for courage in form and content and a statuette for the best sound at the 46th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.

“Mosquito State” had its world premiere at the 77th Venice International Film Festival, where it received the Bisato d’Oro award for the best cinematography. This painting was also awarded at the 53rd Sitges IFF for the best special effects. He also took part in the Main Competitions of film festivals in Geneva and at New Horizons in Wrocław. The stars of international hits starring this Polish-American production, including: Beau Knapp (“Super 8”), Jack Kesy (“Deadpool 2”) and Charlotte Vega (“3: Genesis”). Polish filmmakers are responsible for creating a sophisticated visual layer on the set: set design – Marek Warszewski (“Rojst’97”, “How I Became a Gangster. True Story”, “Miasto 44”), interior decoration – Anna Marzęda (“Rojst”, “Obce sky “), costumes – Katarzyna Lewińska (” In the depths of the forest “,” 1983 “,” Silent night “).

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Richard lives in a cut-off, exclusive apartment in the heart of New York City with an impressive view of Central Park. The man is a mathematical genius and works as a financial analyst on Wall Street. There, he obsessively follows the complicated strings of data scrolling across the screen. At one point, the algorithms he observes show disturbing anomalies and he senses the looming specter of a financial meltdown. As a loner, he rarely leaves his office and apartment, but one day he goes to an exclusive corporate event full of wealthy high society people. There he meets the beautiful and mysterious Lena. Fascinated by an attractive woman, he invites her to his home. Lena is unaware that Richard has a serious mental disorder. His interest in her is on the verge of obsession. In a lonely man’s apartment filled with disturbing atmosphere, Lena will learn a dark secret he is hiding …

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