Uncharted – Official Trailer of the New Tom Holland Movie!

The movie Uncharted after a long time finally got its trailer. We can see Tom Holland as a bartender, and among the mysterious catacombs.

Uncharted is another screen adaptation of games that are exclusive titles for PlayStation. Of course, they are full of big stars. In the series The Last of Us we will receive, among others, Pedro Pascal, and in Uncharted – Tom Holland.

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Sony Pictures has finally decided to share the trailer for the movie adaptation of this award-winning video game with a wider audience.

Uncharted will be the prequel to the 2007 game of the same title. The series focused on Nathan Drake, a versatile adventurer and treasure hunter. In addition to Tom Holland, the film also features Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan, Antonio Banderas, Sophia Ali and Tati Gabrielle. Ruben Fleischer is responsible for directing.

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The premiere of the film is scheduled for February 11, 2022.