Texas Chainsaw Massacre – the return of the cult horror movie with a new trailer!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is already a B-movie legend. Leatherface returns once again to wreak havoc and fear. The return of this famous killer heralds a new trailer!

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre goes back to the legend from 1974. Leatherface will appear on our screens again to sow fear and terror in our hearts. Now it will be even easier for him, because he will appear on our computers, phones and TV sets using the Netflix platform. The premiere of the film will take place on February 18, 2022. Today, however, we can watch a new trailer, showing a substitute for hell that I will prepare a madman with a saw for the heroes of the movie!

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The film is directed by David Blue Garcia. The cast of the film includes Sarah Yarkin, Elsie Fisher, Mark Burnham, Nell Hudson, Olwen Fouéré and Moe Dunford, among others.

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Sources: Youtube, BD Horror Trailers and Clips / Introduction illustration: kadr from the trailer.