Star Wars – characters from the sequel trilogy will return in future designs!

The Star Wars sequel trilogy has heavily divided the fandom. Many fans defended these productions, when the other side hated the direction in which the saga went. Despite this, it has to be admitted that these films introduced into the universe, they are really interested in characters and talented actors, who are a pity not to use them in the future. Kathleen Kennedy definitely noticed this and more importantly started working on it!

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In an interview with Empire magazine, Kathleen Kennedy briefly spoke about the future of the characters we met in the latest Star Wars movies! Kennedy assured that work was underway to create designs that would include these characters. More specifically, the president of Lucasfilm had this to say:

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Certainly, these are not characters that we will forget. They will still be alive. These are conversations that are also going on in the creative team.

Certainly these are not characters that we will forget

However, we did not receive any specific message in which form these characters could return. We will probably not get another trilogy from the Skywalker saga, but maybe at least Finn or Rey will get their own series. Kylo Ren and his past before the First Order is definitely a topic worth discussing. Ben Solo very quickly became a favorite character of many fans, so surely a movie or series about Ben’s transformation would attract a lot of people. But what is in the minds of the creators of Lucasfilm? We will probably wait a long time for the answer.

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