Spider-Man: No Way Home – Tom Hardy confirmed his participation in the movie ?!

Spider-Man: No Way Home promises to be a combination of all 7 previous arachnid productions. In the movie, we will likely see the formation of the Sinister Six group, made up of villains from different universes. Have we met another member of this team today?

Tom Hardy, star of the upcoming Venom 2: Carnage movie, will be in the MCU ?! It seems that is right. A very interesting photo of the actor has hit the network, which reveals a bit too much. Hardy, as seen in the photo below, is wearing a hat from the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home! Only the people who worked on the said film got these hats. The photo was quickly removed from the original source so I guess we have confirmation.

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Tom Hardy in his ‘Spider-Man, No Way Home’ production hat.

Additionally, Tom Hardy has been giving us a lot of tips about Venom’s future lately. The actor had, inter alia, this to say:

There is Venomversum as well as Spiderversum, there are multiverses, there are many kinds of canon, story and mythology to discover.

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As you already know, the plot of Spider-Man: No Way Home will revolve around the multiverse, so the appearance of Venom would not be too much of a surprise. I think Hardy mentioned Spiderversum for a reason.

Filming for the sequel Far From Home began in late October. Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange is set to play a key role in the film, along with Jamie Foxx’s Electro, a role that Foxx previously played in the non-MCU film The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

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After Spider-Man’s secret identity was revealed in Far From Home’s final moments, fans expect Tom Holland’s Peter Parker to turn to Strange for help escaping to safety in the multiverse or restoring his secret identity through magic – similar to 2007 in One More Day comic.

Spider-Man 3: No Way Home, which is part of the IV MCU, is scheduled to premiere on December 17, 2021.

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