Sony is renaming its Marvel character movie universe! Spider-Man will soon come to this world?

Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters, this was the name of the universe that Sony Pictures is slowly developing for a very long time. Fortunately, the name was updated today and it sounds much better.

I know there’s just a new trailer for Spider-Man sitting in your head right now: No Way Home, but take a break from that for a moment. In addition to the aforementioned trailer, Sony Pictures revealed that it is the end of the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters. From now on, this universe will be called Sony’s Spider-Man Universe! Great change, but creates a lot of questions at the same time. As we know, after the poster of the movie Morbius, Spider-Man exists in this universe. What’s more interesting, the poster shows the image of an arachnid, but the one from Sam Raimi’s films. Added to this is the location of Spider-Man in the middle of the name of the universe. It could not be without a reason. I think it is only a matter of time before Peter Parker arrives in this universe. Only one question remains. Which Spider-Man is coming to Sony’s Spider-Man Universe?

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Still from the trailer for the movie Morbius, Sony Pictures

Source: CinemaCon, screenrant.com / Introduction illustration: press materials.