Red Notice – the first trailer of Netflix’s most expensive movie hit the web!

Red Notice, another interesting Netflix production, has just received the first official trailer! It features a large dose of action, with Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson inside!

I mentioned that the Red Notice movie looks really interesting, but you have to remember that it’s Netflix. No matter who is in the cast or what the production budget is, Netflix will almost always find a way to turn an amazing idea into the next medium title. I hope Red Notice will be in this minority and prove to be a decent job kid. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait too long, as the production will premiere in November. At the moment, we can experience a foretaste of the said production, thanks to the trailer below:

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The film will be commissioned by the Netflix platform. He will talk about the pursuit of art thieves. The production action will take place across several countries. Rawson Marshall Thurber is the director and writer of Red Notice. Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot will star in the cast. For the former, this is another collaboration with Netfliks, since he appeared in 6 Underground from Michael Bay, who hit the platform in 2019. This movie will be Netflix’s most expensive original movie to date. The production budget was estimated at USD 130 million, which is approximately PLN 500 million.

Red Notice will hit Netflix on November 12!

Source: Netflix, YouTube / Introduction image: Netflix.