Prisoners Of The Ghostland – trailer. Nicolas Cage in another crazy movie

The trailer for the movie Prisoners of The Ghostland debuted on the web, in which we get to know the effects of collaboration between two originals of world cinema: actor Nicolas Cage and Japanese director Siona Sono.

In Prisoners of the Ghostland, Nicolas Cage plays the role of a criminal who has been promised freedom if he saves and safely brings home the granddaughter of a wealthy warlord. The mission is secured by explosives attached to his body. The whole thing after the trailer promises to be a combination of the Suicide Legion with a western, post-apocalyptic and samurai films.

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The cast of the film directed by Sion Sono includes Nicolas Cage, Sofia Boutella, Bill Mosley, Nick Cassavetes, Tak Sakaaguchi.

The production will debut on September 17 in the United States on VOD and in theaters. The Polish release date is currently unknown.