No one will fall asleep in the forest today 2 – trailer for the continuation of the Polish hit! Netflix premiere date!

Netflix has released the official trailer for the second part of the slasher Nobody will fall asleep tonight in the woods. The premiere is on October 27!

FILM DESCRIPTION: No one will sleep in the forest today 2 is a continuation of the first Polish slasher, directed by Bartosz M. Kowalski, based on a script created by him and Mirella Zaradkiewicz. The main character of the film is Adaś, a young, lonely, unhappy policeman from a small village in Podlasie. Ignored by his colleagues and the beautiful and extremely self-confident Wanessa, the shy boy is looking for his place in the world. In the sequel, we will also learn about the fate of Zosia, who will show a completely new and surprising face.

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No One Will Fall Asleep In The Forest Today 2 is a perverse, ironic, grotesque and bloody story about searching for love and discovering yourself in a world where we are definitely more divided than connected.

The main roles were played by: Mateusz Więcławek (Adaś), Julia Wieniawa (Zosia), Zofia Wichłacz (Wanessa), Andrzej Grabowski (Sergeant Waldek), Lech Dyblik (Janusz), Sebastian Stankiewicz (Mariusz), Wojciech Mecwaldowski (Oliwier), Izabela Dąbrowska (Janeczka), Robert Wabich (Sławek).

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Creators: Bartosz M. Kowalski (director, co-writer), Mirella Zaradkiewicz (co-writer, creative producer), Jan Kwieciński (producer), Cezary Stolecki (cinematographer), Łukasz Trzciński (set designer), Weronika Orlińska (costume designer), Waldemar Pokromski (make-up artist) ), Wanda Kędzierzawska (FX make-up artist), Radosław Ochnio (sound operator), Marta Wojciechowicz (casting director).

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Production: Akson Studio. Premiere: October 27, 2021