New Polish horror on the way! Przybylska’s daughter, Fronczewski and others will play with the Director of Life

Some people know a certain YouTuber with the nickname Reżyser Życia. His work, consisting mainly of moralizing short films (including Piotr Adamczyk), collects quite mixed opinions, and the interested person himself has a lot of problems related to the conflict nature – leading to a harmful fight with Gargamel, another personality Youtube.

However, he does not seem to be discouraged by this and is preparing … a Polish horror film. It is supposed to strongly refer to Slavic demonology. The material below shows an additional strong inspiration from Midsummer Ari Aster:

I had been preparing for this film for a long time and respectfully, I was asking, I was reading, I was at the Kupala Night Ceremony. Soon a dark and beautiful story – comments the creator on Facebook.

The material has not yet received an official release date, but has already garnered adequate attention. In addition, the film will feature Oliwia Bieniuk, Witoria Gąsiewska and – probably in an episodic role – Piotr Fronczewski himself. Is the Director of Life preparing a strong comeback?

Source: Facebook Director of Life / Introduction illustration: Facebook screenshot.