Netflix announces half a hundred Japanese productions!

Netflix unveiled plans for new Japanese productions, including two projects by Hirokazu Koreedy. “Our next key goal is fictional development,” declares Kaata Sakamoto, Netflix’s head of local content. The streaming tycoon has announced the production of 50 new Japanese titles.

Netflix summed up a two-day promotional event in Tokyo with the announcement that it has made an agreement with Hirokazu Koreeda. He is one of the most respected contemporary local creators of both series and feature films. The projects, which are still in development, will therefore be the director’s first Japanese productions for the streaming platform.

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Koreeda’s films are characterized by a subtle drama and social background. Since the beginning of the 21st century, they have been gaining recognition at international festivals. His career went to an even higher level in 2018, because it was then that the artist’s latest Japanese-language film, Shoplifters, was awarded the Palme d’Or at Cannes and was nominated for an Oscar.

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The information about cooperation with Koreeda is the culmination of a two-day presentation of new Netflix content in Japan. The streaming platform has therefore announced the addition of up to 90 Japanese titles signed with this VOD brand, another 50 series and movies.

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Kaata Sakamoto, vice president of content in Japan, noted that the development of fictional productions is another important goal of Netflix.

Our country is the home of extraordinary talents that shape the world’s film history. We are glad that we have so many diverse creators, because thanks to this we can play a significant role in history. In stories of great local talents who express themselves and reach audiences around the world.

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Newly announced Japanese Netflix movie titles include the romantic drama Love Like the Falling Petals by director Yoshihiro Fukagawa and the mysterious fantasy story Once Upon a Crime by Yuichi Fukuda. Both titles are based on popular Japanese books.

Netflix also presented a wide range of Japanese action series, including the second season of the popular Alice in Borderland. Besides, i.a. romantic drama First Love by female screenwriter and director Yuri Kanchiku, supernatural and mysterious Yu Yu Hakusho, based on the hit manga of the same title, as well as Queen of Villains – a show set in the world of Japanese women’s wrestling in the 1980s.

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Regional consulting firm Media Partners Asia recently estimated that Netflix has approximately 6 million users in Japan. For comparison – 14.6 million subscribers have Amazon Prime Video, and Disney + 1.8 million.