My Little Pony: New Generation Premieres on September 24 on Netflix! We have a trailer!

The iconic “My Little Pony” is back! The latest installment of the adventures of magical ponies will be available on the Netfilx streaming platform from September 24. The official trailer is now available.

My Little Pony, the beloved heroes of children around the world, will soon appear on the screens once again. The world premiere of the movie “My Little Pony: New Generation” is scheduled for September 24. This time, we will watch the adventures of ponies in the comfort of our own home, because the movie will be available on the Netflix platform. In the Polish version we will hear Marta Burdynowicz (as Sunny), Magdalena Wasylik (as Izzy), Maciej Dybowski (as Hitch), Anna Szpaczyńska (as Pipp) and Ewa Prus (as Zipp). In the English language version, voices are lent, among others, by Vanessa Hudgens and James Marsden.

A new generation in the world of ponies “My Little Pony”

We’re back in Equestria – a lot has changed since we last saw Twilight and her friends. Equestria has lost its magic! Magic has disappeared because the great friendship has disappeared, and earthly ponies, unicorns and pegasi now live in separate kingdoms.

Sunny’s little earth pony believes there is still hope and a chance to meld their divided world. The big adventure begins when Sunny meets Izzy the friendly unicorn. Together, they travel to distant lands, where they meet the pegasus princesses – the extremely talented Pipp and her rebellious sister Zipp. They are also always accompanied in this great adventure by the sensible and helpful Earth Pony Hitch. And as in Equestria, each friend has unique talents and powers that will prove necessary to restore magic and friendship in the beautiful world of ponies. Will little Sunny connect the feuding ponies?

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Directed by | Robert Cullen, José L. Ucha, co-director: Mark Fattibene

History makers | Robert Cullen & José L. Ucha, and Tim Sullivan

Scenario | Tim Sullivan and Gillian Berrow

Production | Cecil Kramer and Peter Lewis

Cast PL | Marta Burdynowicz (Sunny), Magdalena Wasylik (Izzy), Maciej Dybowski (Hitch), Anna Szpaczyńska (Pipp) and Ewa Prus (Zipp)

Duration | 90 min

Age category | PG (with parental consent)

Media support: The premiere of the film will be accompanied by a digital campaign, activation with influencers and media relations activities. The trailer will also receive promotional support in social media. On the occasion of the premiere of the film, a new line of My Little Pony toys and licensed products will be available for sale. The toys will receive support in the form of a wide-ranging media campaign on TV and digital.

Photo My Little Pony: New Generation movie poster

Source: press release / Introduction illustration: a frame from My Little Pony: New Generation.