Music Box. Jagged – an intimate portrait of Alanis Morissette coming soon on HBO GO

Music Box is an anthology of documentary films devoted to groundbreaking events in the world of music. Jagged will be presented with an intimate portrait of Alanis Morissette and the history of the recording of her cult album Jagged Little Pill from 1995. The premiere of the document is scheduled for November 20 on HBO GO. HBO document Jagged, directed by Alison Klayman (The Brink, Ai Weiwei. The Chinese Voice of the People), is another production in the Music Box series. Its creators go back in time to 1995, when 21-year-old Alanis Morissette gained fame after the premiere of the cult album “Jagged Little Pill” and stormed the music scene by storm. Her songs have always been characterized by sincere emotions and calling a spade a spade that touched millions of fans. The position of a rock star in the music world was traditionally reserved for men, yet the Canadian singer’s songs were played by almost all radio stations, her music videos were aired on MTV, and her debut album sold 33 million copies. In the movie Music Box. Jagged features a river interview with Alanis and a never-before-published archive that records the tough beginnings of a young Canadian pop star’s career in the male-dominated music industry and the hurdles she had to overcome before becoming an international icon and well-established artist.

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Premiere of the HBOMusic Box document. Jagged will take place on November 20 on HBO GO. The film is another production from the documentary anthology initiated by Bill Simmons. The first title in the series was Woodstock 99: Peace, Love and Aggression.

In the coming weeks, other parts of the Music Box anthology will debut on HBO GO:

  • DMX: Don’t Try to Understand, directed by Christopher Frierson. For a year, the filmmakers accompanied the rapper Earl “DMX” Simmons, who, after being released from prison in early 2019, tries to rebuild his position in the music industry, regain his family and fans. In the cinéma vérité documentary, we observe the musician trying to reinvent himself and redeem his sins. Earl “DMX” Simmons wants to stay true to himself to be a father, artist and musical icon again – premiere on HBO GO: November 27
  • Listening to Kenny G, directed by Penny Lane, is an insightful, yet amusing portrait of saxophonist Kenny G, the highest-grossing instrumentalist of all time and arguably one of the most famous living musicians. Its creators look closely at the artist once known as Kenny Gorelick and wonder what is the main asset of the saxophonist, whose specific interpretation of jazz gave rise to a new genre and undermined the basic canons of art and perfection.After reading an article on nightlife in Brooklyn, Stigwood decided to take a chance and shoot Saturday Night Fever, the iconic 1977 film that made John Travolta an international star and, after releasing a platinum soundtrack album, contributed to the disco renaissance. The album contained four songs by Bee Gees, which reached the top of the charts. The filmmakers present the career development of Stigwood, who was the manager of artists such as Eric Clapton and the Bee Gees band, produced high-profile musicals including Jesus Christ Superstar, Tommy and Evita, convinced film companies that the soundtrack could be as box-office as the production itself and marked the history of the American cinema and record industry – premiere on HBO GO: December 11
  • Juice WRLD: Into the Abyss, directed by Tommy Oliver, is an intimate and cutting-edge study of the life and rapid career of the brilliant young rapper Juice WRLD, illustrated with his lyrics, numerous compositions and excerpts from freestyle performances. The dynamically shot film is a record of the career of the Chicago-born musician who, thanks to the great hit “Lucid Dream”, at the age of only 18, achieved star status and became one of the most-played artists. In the documentary we will see never-before-published recordings, music and many interviews with industry representatives who talk about the rapper’s struggle with unexpected fame, drug addiction and mental problems – premiere on HBO GO: December 18

The film was produced for HBO Documentary Films by Ringer Films Production in association with Polygram Entertainment. The originator of the Music Box series is Bill Simmons. Bill Simmons, Jody Gerson and Marc Cimino serve as executive producers. Co-executive producers: Geoff Chow, Sean Fennessey, and Noah Malale. Tina Nguyen serves as producer for HBO, and executive producers are Nancy Abraham and Lisa Heller.

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