Multikino has started presale of tickets for the latest film by Wojciech Smarzowski, Wesele!

October 1 this year Multikino has started the presale of tickets for “The Wedding”. So today you can watch the latest production directed by Wojciech Smarzowski. The film will hit the screens on October 8 this year. Tickets are available at the ticket offices of Multikino cinemas, at www.multikino.pl and in the mobile application.

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“The Wedding” is a story of love so strong that it crosses borders, does not fit within the framework and is stronger than all barriers. It is a sincere look at the contemporary world, as well as a dramatic journey into the past that will not remain indifferent to anyone. As the director himself says, his latest film is to be “a story about manipulating emotions and warning against hate speech”.

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Anno Domini’s wedding 2021. A group of tipsy guests go crazy on the dance floor to the rhythm of disco polo, bridesmaids fiercely compete with each other in competitions, someone is recording a video of greetings for a young couple. A wedding like many, but under the guise of having fun, there is a bitter truth about us. A bride in advanced pregnancy (Michalina Łabacz), determined to emigrate, observes her husband’s antics with growing anxiety. Her father, a local businessman Rysiek (Robert Więckiewicz), also has more worries this night than just confusion over his daughter’s wedding. The interest of life hangs in the balance, and in the background is not only a lot of money, but also the happiness of his loved ones. The situation is also exacerbated by the guests invited to the ceremony, and all this is watched by the senior of the family Antoni Wilk (Ryszard Ronczewski), to whom the memories of the dramatic events from years ago, when he met the love of his life, return. With every minute, emotions grow and the deepest feelings are revived, the stories of turbulent loves of old and new lovers permeate each other. Gradually, the boundary between what used to be and what now is being lost. The secrets of the past are revealed, winding a spiral of evil from which there is no escape. Few people manage to see more than “their own” truths. And if it does, it is most often hidden – in fear of the consequences and exposure. Dawn will find the heroes in a different condition, emotional state and with different baggage of experiences. Only one thing is certain – everyone will have to deal with this wedding hangover on their own.

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Multikino has launched the presale of tickets for the film screenings during the premiere week of October 8-14 this year. Tickets can be purchased at the box office of any cinema in the network, via www.multikino.pl and the application for the phone. Screenings of the film “The Wedding” are excluded from the booking.

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