Master with Piotr Głowacki is fighting for the Golden Globe!

The film about the legendary boxer from the Auschwitz camp – Maciej Barczewski’s “The Master” was included in the list of titles applying for a Golden Globe nomination in the best foreign language film category. The production with Piotr Głowacki in the lead role is one of the most famous premieres of this year, which has already been watched by over 200,000 viewers in Polish cinemas. The action of the film takes place at the beginning of the functioning of the Auschwitz concentration camp. The pre-war champion of Warsaw in the bantamweight scales Tadeusz “Teddy” Pietrzykowski, joined him in the first transport in 1940. Prisoner 77, because he was assigned this number, fought dozens of victorious duels in the ring during his three-year stay, in which his life was at stake. For his fellow prisoners, he became a symbol of hope for survival and overcoming Nazi terror.

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Starring: Piotr Głowacki (“The Gods”), Grzegorz Małecki (“The Courier”), Marcin Bosak (“In Darkness”), Marian Dziędziel (“The Bad House”), Piotr Witkowski (“Proceder”), Rafał Zawierucha (” Once upon a time … in Hollywood “), Marcin Czarnik (” Son of Saul “) and Jan Szydłowski (” Planeta Singli “).

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“The Master” is the full-length feature debut of Maciej Barczewski (“My Pretty Pony”), who is also the author of the script for the film. Witold Płóciennik (“Icarus. The Legend of Mietek Kosza”) is responsible for the cinematography, the set design was prepared by Ewa Skoczkowska (“Stones for the rampart”), the music was written by Bartosz Chajdecki (“Gods”) In December 2020, the film took part in the main competition 45. FPFF in Gdynia.

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“The Master” is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute. The producers of the picture are Krzysztof Szpetmański and Leszek Starzyński (Iron Films). Co-producers: Polish Television, Cavatina GW, Hardkop, Moovi. Distribution in Poland – Galapagos Films.

The nomination for the Golden Globes will be announced on December 13. The awards ceremony will take place on January 9, 2022.

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Introduction illustration: Robert Pałka.