Marvel is looking for a Latin actor to star in a Halloween Special on Disney +!

According to The Wrap, Marvel is in the process of finding a Latin actor to play the lead role in the untitled Halloween Special.

Production of the image is scheduled to begin in early 2022. Guess the story may be based on “Werewolf by Night,” a nickname that two Marvel characters used. The first is Jack Russell, who debuts in comics, the second is Jake Gomez, whose stories we can follow from 2020.

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Still from the WandaVision, Disney + series

Of course, this information is not official, but “Werewolf by Night” is one of the most potential options for this type of production. It is worth noting that this is not the first Marvel production with a Halloween theme. Earlier, such a theme could be seen in the 6th episode of WandaVision.

Source: TheWrap / Introduction illustration: Marvel.