Marvel is driving Keanu Reeves fans on Twitter!

Today Keanu Reeves ends his 57th birthday – Canadian actor, director, philanthropist and film producer. On this occasion, Marvel greeted him on Twitter. After a short while, however, he deleted his post.

Marvel’s official UK Twitter account sent the classic “Happy Birthday” to Keanu Reeves today, and the fans just went crazy. The involvement of Marvel accounts with anything makes some people wonder if there is any secret deal to introduce Reeves to the MCU or something like that. Fans have long cast him as Namor, Wolverine and countless other heroes. It seems like it’s only a matter of time before he ends up as a character in one of the comic book series. But how quickly it will happen, no one knows. Marvel himself quickly realized that publicly wishing to actors not yet in the studio would spark unnecessary rumors. In order to curb them, he immediately deleted Tweet. Fortunately, there are also fans who are good at using the Screenshot feature. Below we present just such a screen of wishes from Marvel UK, for Keanu:

Marvel UK just posted this and deleted it… hmmmmmmmmm pic.twitter.com/qNajhRElrW

– Hadeed Butt (@mhadeedbutt) September 2, 2021

Previously, Marvel boss Kevin Feige talked about how the studio approached the cast of roles. It looks like Reeves’ journey to the Multiverse could really happen. The head of Marvel Studios confessed that he is trying to talk to the star about many projects that are in production.

“We talk to him on almost every movie we make,” Feige laughed. “We talk to Keanu Reeves about it. I don’t know when or if he will ever join the MCU, but we really want to find the right way to introduce it. Really much.” There is nothing left for us to do but hope that it will happen.