Let there be no traces and How to talk to a dog at the premiere at Multikino!

Today, on September 24, in the cinemas of the Multikino network, you will be able to see, among others: the drama “Let there be no traces” directed by Jan P. Matuszyński “and the family film” How to talk to a dog “.

This Friday, in the cinema halls of Multikino, due to the premiere of the film “Let there be no traces”, viewers will move to Poland in 1983. Despite the suspension, the state of martial law imposed by the communist authorities, aimed at suppressing the Solidarity opposition, is still in force in the country. On May 12, Grzegorz Przemyk, son of the opposition poet Barbara Sadowska, is arrested and badly beaten by a police patrol. Przemyk dies after two days of agony. The only witness to the fatal beating is one of Grzegorz’s colleagues, Jurek Popiel, who decides to fight for justice and to testify against the police. Initially, the state apparatus, including the Ministry of the Interior, downplays the case. However, when more than 20,000 people march through the streets of Warsaw behind Przemyk’s coffin, the authorities decide to use all tools against the witness and mother of the deceased to discredit them and prevent Jurek from testifying in court. Operation Junior, supervised personally by the Minister of the Interior, General Czesław Kiszczak, begins, the main purpose of which is to stop Jurek from revealing the truth and to blame the paramedics who were carrying Przemyk to the emergency room after a beating. An army of security forces begins to follow Jurek and his parents, keeping an eye on their private lives 24 hours a day, and the media and the prosecutor’s office are directed and pressed by the authorities to ensure that the public only receives the “right” messages. Barbara Sadowska, on the other hand, does not lose hope for justice, and representatives of the state authorities and a special group of investigators conduct further meetings on how to twist the head of Przemyk’s case …

This Friday in the cinema halls of Multikino due to

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In addition, the family movie “How to talk to a dog” will be released in cinemas. Oliver, who is 12 years old and a technological genius. His best friend is a dog named Henry. Unfortunately, the boy never knows what is knocking on the pet’s head when it barks at him. This will change though! One day, Oliver conducts a mysterious experiment that creates a telepathic bond between the pet and its owner. From now on, the boy hears his own dog’s thoughts, so they can talk to each other normally. It quickly turns out that the two have a lot in common, with the love of pancakes in the first place! However, there is a danger around the corner – suspicious people who want to learn the secrets of a telepathic experiment come across the trail of the boy and his dog.

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