Jim Jones – Leonardo DiCaprio is the star of the biography!

According to the information provided by the Deadline portal, Leonardo DiCaprio will play in the new project of MGM studio. We are talking about a biographical film called Jim Jones. DiCaprio will play the role of a cult leader in the 1970s, famous for murdering over 900 people from his religious organization.

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The script will be written by Scott Rosenberg. DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson will be producing.

In 1955, Jones founded a religious organization, Peoples Temple in Indianapolis, where he promoted Christian Socialism. In the 70s it gained a very bad reputation. For the man openly rejected traditional Christianity. Moreover, he even declared himself God. He then made a successful attempt at building a small community in Guyana called Jonestown. The man easily persuaded his followers to live with him in his socialist paradise, free from the oppression of the US government.

In Jones founded a religious organization Peoples Temple in Indianapolis where he

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In the late 1970s, however, there were disturbing reports of human rights violations in Jonestown. Accordingly, the US government sent a delegation led by Leo Ryan to investigate these reports. Unfortunately, the members of the crew were brutally murdered by Jones’ supporters. This event was followed by another tragedy. On November 18, 1978, Jones ordered a mass murder-suicide that resulted in the deaths of 918 members of the community, including 304 children, through cyanide poisoning.

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