It’s so cold. He loves, steals, respects Wyszyński and Mała Wielka Stopa 2 premiere at Multikino!

From September 17, viewers will be able to see the movie “Najmro. He loves, steals, respects “with Dawid Ogrodnik in the lead role, a biographical production of” Wyszyński – Revenge or Forgiveness “, and” Little Big Foot 2: Strength in the Family “awaits the youngest cinema fans.

“Bliss. He loves, steals, respects “is inspired by real events in the life of Zdzisław Najmrodzki, the legendary underworld celebrity, who ridiculed the authorities of the Polish People’s Republic by escaping law enforcement agencies 29 times. Women loved him and men admired him. The militia gave Million-dollar prizes for the head of Najmrodzki, and all of Poland followed his daring exploits. In the film, Najmro and his gang manipulate the Pewexes to live colorfully in times when everything is gray and forbidden. Above all, she loves freedom and having fun. Although he lives in the world of the most beautiful women, the fastest cars and a lot of money, he meets a girl for whom he wants to change everything.


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The second proposal for the upcoming weekend is “Wyszyński – Revenge or forgiveness” – a story about a man who, in the face of war, has to make difficult choices and answer the question “How to love our enemies when we have to shoot them?”. It is 1944, in the heat of war, we meet a young priest Wyszyński, who has recently been appointed chaplain of the branch in the Kampinos Forest. It is also active in the insurgent hospital. Everyone knows him there under the pseudonym “Radwan II”. The reality of the war is for Fr. Wyszyński, a forge of character, a fight for hope and love, especially against enemies. How should we forgive in everyday warfare? The hero asks, turning to the Source of his vocation.

The second proposal for the upcoming weekend is Wyszyski Revenge

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Multikino has also prepared something for the youngest moviegoers – the animation “Little Big Foot 2: strength in the family”. Remember Adam who discovered that his lost father was a descendant of the legendary Yeti? It turned out that Adam also inherited from him amazing abilities, which will be very useful to him now. His dad, who thanks to his great popularity helps to protect nature, sets out to save the inhabitants of a distant reserve. The local animals are threatened with extinction, because the soulless management of a large fuel company intends to build a huge factory in the middle of the forest. Since his departure, the father does not give any sign of life, so Adam gathers his family and hairy friends with Bury the bear and Marauder the raccoon at the helm to set off on a rescue mission. What they discover in a remote wilderness will make a hair on their head and a fur on their back bristle.

Multikino has also prepared something for the youngest moviegoers the

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