Him & Her movie trailer about unusual telephone coverage

ComingSoon recently published a trailer for a movie called Him & Her. The stars of the drama are Callan McAuliffe and Cristina Spruell. The premiere of the picture took place during the Newport Beach Film Festival. Him & Her will hit selected cinemas on December 3, 2021.

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The film was inspired by the real events of 1989. Two strangers. Detroit Woman and Chicago Man. The heroes meet in an unusual way. Well, they come to each other completely by accident via the telephone network. Instead of hanging up, they decide to continue the conversation. They are both looking for meaning in their own lives and for answers to very difficult and often complicated questions. Thanks to a joint conversation, they establish a strong relationship. This, in turn, gives them the strength to change. Stand up to what hurt them the most. However, the lives of the heroes take different, opposite directions. And distance is not conducive to creating lasting relationships. Given the above inconvenience, a couple of strangers decide to meet for a day. This fleeting, casual meeting will change their lives forever.

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Him & Her was directed by Ice Mrozek.