He won the role of Geralt and now he is going to be in the MCU? Henry Cavill wants to play Captain Britain!

Henry Cavill as Captain Britain? The British actor expressed his desire to play the role of a superhero from Marvel comics.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Henry Cavill was asked which Marvel comic character he would like to play if he were to hypothetically transition from the DCEU to the MCU. The actor playing Superman replied that he was aware of the fan castings (and possibly this fan art) related to Captain Britain and confirmed that he would be interested in playing this character.

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I will never say a Marvel character that someone else is playing because everyone there is doing an amazing job. However, I do own the internet and have seen various rumors about Captain Britain and it would certainly be fun to create a cool modern interpretation the way they modernized Captain America. It would be interesting and I love being British.

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Hey marvel. You know I don’t like you but make this happen. ..Made by @apexform @henrycavill as Captain Britain !!!! # yayornay #marvelstudios #MCU # phase5 #captainbritain #henrycavill #fancasting #fanedit #fancast #fanart #bepositive pic.twitter.com/yboZjIcAwG

As the history of casting for The Witcher series teaches, Henry Cavill can fight long and intensely for the desired role. The British loudly signaled in interviews that he would like to play the White Wolf and on his own initiative contacted the showrunner of the Netflix series. Will history repeat itself now and the actor will go to the MCU? We will see. He is definitely not the only actor who would like to play the role of Brian Braddock / Captain Britain. Orlando Bloom, Tom Hiddlestone and Simon Pegg expressed his desire in front of him.

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The character of Captain Britain, or the alter ego of Brian Braddock, debuted in the British Marvel in 1976. Initially, comics about this character were released exclusively on the British market, but with time and the increase in popularity, the superhero also began to hit the cards of graphic novels in the USA, and Brian Braddock became one of the members of the Avengers. Captain Britain gained his powers thanks to the Amulet of Righteousness, an artifact of the mage Merlyn, given to him after a motorcycle accident. The character is distinguished by superhuman strength, the ability to fly or shoot energy beams.

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Although there are rumors of the production of the Captain Britain series from time to time, Marvel Studios has not yet officially announced that such a production would be carried out in the coming years. However, it is worth mentioning that the MCU has already mentioned a character.

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