Halle Berry sued by Busted MMA star rejected from the film

Halle Berry, the star and director of the Netflix sports film The Busted, has been sued. Former UFC fighter Cat Zingano said the Hollywood star would promise her a role in the film if she quit an important fight for her career. Ultimately, Zingano lost her contract with the UFC and did not play for Battered.

In the lawsuit, which is based on the legal principle of obligations between the two parties called “promissory estoppel”, Cat Zingano claims that Halle Berry was to offer her participation in the film in July 2019, arguing that the script in many respects resembles the biography of the American athlete. Battered As Described is about an MMA fighter who is a single mother, and Zingano was the first female fighter in the UFC to have a child. In addition, since 2014, she is also a single mother. A week after speaking with Berry, Zingano received an offer to fight from the UFC for October 2019. The stakes of the fight were such that winning it was supposed to put Zignano in the role of a contender to fight for the championship belt.

photo: instagram / halleberry

Zingano was faced with a choice between a fight that was significant for her career and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in a film about a character Berry believed to be a mirror image of the player’s story. The duel in the octagon did not take place, because, as the lawsuit points out, Berry was to dissuade Zingano from the skirmish by talking about insurance issues, due to which she could not work on the set and take part in professional fights in the octagon. So Zingano decided that she would give up the fight in favor of participating in Brawled. As a consequence, the UFC decided to dismiss the athlete in August 2019. Two weeks later, Berry allegedly told Zingano that she could not appear in the film because she was no longer a UFC competitor, and then cut off contact with the player, who later signed a contract with Bellator MMA.

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The film Bruised is Halle Berry’s directorial debut, who also plays the lead role in the production. The actress played the character Jackie Justice, an MMA fighter and single mother. She will partner on the screen, among others Kyrgyz UFC champion Valentina Shevchenko. The film is set to debut on Netflix in November 2021.

Source: variety / introduction illustration: Netflix.