Girls from Dubai – Doda shared the shots from the film!

The premiere of Girls from Dubai is fast approaching. A few months ago, Doda, the producer of the film, recorded a video promoting the production of Don’t wanna hide. This time, the artist shared a few frames from the film on social media.

Official description of the film: Emi is a young ambitious girl who has been dreaming about the big world for years. Whenever the opportunity arises, she jumps into its modes without hesitation, becoming an exclusive escort. Soon, at the invitation of Arab sheikhs, she begins to recruit Polish misses, celebrities, screen stars and models. However, this inaccessible, luxurious world will soon show its dark side …

Below is Doda’s Instagram post, in which she published 10 frames from the production.

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Below we will also recall the aforementioned Doda’s music video promoting the film!

The director of Girls from Dubai is Maria Sadowska. The script of the production qualified by the distributor for three genres: drama-sensation-erotic was prepared by: Dimitrij Potochnik, Lucas Coleman, Piotr Stanisław, Markus Moretti, Max Turell, Agnieszka Olejnik, and Kornelia Strzelecka. The star cast includes: Katarzyna Figura, Jan Englert and Beata Ścibak-Englert, Paulina Gałązka, Katarzyna Sawczuk, Olga Kalicka, Anna Karczmarczyk and Józef Pawłowski, Iacopo Ricciotti, Andrea Preti, Luca Molinari. The producer is Ent One Studios Ltd. / Ent One Investments. The film is inspired by the events described in the book by Piotr Krysiak “Girls from Dubai”.

Girls from Dubai were initially scheduled to hit theaters on January 22, 2021. Due to the pandemic, production on large screens will not debut this autumn. Kino Świat is responsible for distribution.

Source: Instagram, YouTube / Introduction illustration: still from the music video Doda – Don’t wanna hide.