Free Guy with the best cameo in the history of cinema ?!

Free Guy made its debut in theaters yesterday. It will turn out if the movie will be a hit, but we can definitely say today that the cameos we get in the movie are the best in the history of cinema!

The Cameos are different, but the one we’ll see in Free Guy is definitely one of the best ever! There are some light spoilers, but during the battle our main character uses an improvement that is known to all Marvel fans: Captain America’s shield! Reynolds wields a shield to repel an attack. Interestingly, Chris Evans is shown watching this fight on his cell phone in a coffee shop shouting “What the hell ?!” Later, we also see Hulk’s hand, where he uses his strength. It’s all thanks to the combination of Disney and Fox.

Indeed, the creators did their best when it comes to elements from different film worlds! Be sure to check out this scene.

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In this interesting, promising production, the creators look at online games from the other side. What if, instead of being a player who saves, robs, shoots and runs, we would only be a pawn standing in the way of a man. This is the character played by Ryan Reynolds – a bank teller who is robbed every day. In Free Guy, however, at some point he doesn’t want to act by the rules anymore. Instead, he confronts the criminals and discovers that he is an inhabitant of a city filled with quests, collectibles, and other NPCs.

The film is directed by Shawn Levy, the creator of several episodes of Stranger Things, as well as all parts of the Night at the museum. The company, on the other hand, did not spare the actors. On the screen we will see, apart from Reynolds, also the increasingly popular Taika Waititi, Joe Keery and Jodie Comer. The film premiered on August 13.

Source: YouTube / Introduction illustration: press materials.