Benedetta – the Polish trailer of the controversial film by the creator of Robocop and The Naked Instinct!

Benedetta, a new film by one of the bravest directors of world cinema, Paul Verhoeven, known for such films as “Naked Instinct”, “Absolute Memory” or “Elle”, will hit Polish cinemas at the beginning of 2022. Aurora Films, the film’s distributor, presented the Polish production trailer!

Benedetta, the latest film by Paul Verhoeven (“Naked Instinct”, “RoboCop”, “Elle”) is the true story of the Catholic Church’s greatest scandalist, Sister Benedetta Carlini. In Benedetta, Verhoeven once again reaches for difficult topics, and as it usually happens with him, he causes a storm and controversy. This time, under the guise of a historical tale, it shows hypocrisy and corruption at the very heart of a religious institution. Below you will find the most important information about the film: description, cast, creators and trailer.

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Official description of the film

The end of the 17th century was the time when the population in Europe was decimated by the raging epidemic. The wealthy family of the young Benedetta Carlini, revealing unprecedented talents from an early age, decides to entrust their daughter to God. It comes under the wing of the prioress of one of the Tuscan monasteries. The girl quickly causes a stir in the new place when a figure of the Virgin Mary falls on her inexplicably while praying.

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After eighteen years, the role of Benedetta (Virginie Efir) in the monastery is completely different. A woman who is regularly experienced by mystical visions begins to be aware of her strength and the influence she has on her surroundings. On the one hand, he competes for power with his superior (Charlotte Rampling), on the other, he engages in a passionate romance. The protagonist’s object of affection is Bartolomea (Daphné Patakia) from the lowlands, who found a safe haven in the monastery. Benedetta’s growing influence also makes her enemies, at the very top of the religious hierarchy.

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Cast and Creators:

In the cast of Paul Verhoeven’s film we will see the cream of European cinema: Virginie Efira, Charlotte Rampling, Daphné Patakia and Lambert Wilson. The script is written by Paul Verhoeven and David Birke.

When is the premiere?

Benedetta will hit the screens of Polish cinemas on January 7, 2022. Aurora Films is responsible for distribution. The movie is 126 minutes long.

Benedetta already has a Polish trailer, which you can watch below.