Batgirl – DC shooting has officially begun!

One of the many DC projects that has been circulating through the Warner Bros. offices for years, Batgirl has finally made it into production! This exciting fact was shared with us by one of the film’s directors.

Batgirl is finally getting her solo movie! After a very bumpy road, as with The Flash and Black Adam, the production of Barbara Gordon finally hit a straight path. Half of the director’s team, Bilall Fallah, informed us on Instagram today that Batgirl is now in production! Additionally, we received the first photo from the set, in which we can see Barbara Gordon’s desk at GCPD!

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The character Bargirl appeared in the comic books in 1967 as Barbara Gordon, daughter of Commissioner Gordon in The Million Dollar Debut of Batgirl! by Gardner Fox, with drawings by Carmine Infantino. She is also one of the most popular superheroes who has yet to get her own movie. The character has already appeared on the big screen, incl. played by Alicia SIlverstone in Batman and Robin and Rosario Dawson in the animation LEGO BATMAN: THE MOVIE.

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The upcoming Bat-family movie will show us the very beginnings of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl. Leslie Grace will play the main role, and her film father will be J.K. Simmons, who will play Jim Gordon for the second time. Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah (Bad Boys for Life) will sit on the director’s stool. The film will only hit HBO Max in 2022.

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